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Since the beginning of cooperation relations between Spain and the Philippines, cultural exchange and promotion have been constant and priority areas of Spanish foreign action in the Philippines. Cultural cooperation takes various forms, with different objectives:

Cultural Cooperation for Development

The Fourth Master Plan of Spanish Cooperation 2013-2016 emphasizes that, based on the Culture and Development Strategy, respect for cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and freedom of expression and creation, as well as the effective participation of all people in cultural life will be promoted. In this way, the AECID carries out cooperation projects in the Philippines in the Culture and Development sector, in which the cultural factor is promoted as a development tool. From this perspective, culture is seen as a factor of social cohesion, dialogue between peoples and as a generator of economic development.

Aside from the specific projects in the sector, the AECID has the ACERCA Program of Training for Development in the Cultural Sector, with the aim of promoting the formation of human capital in the field of culture facilitating the processes of creation and improvement of agents and cultural professionals.

Cultural Promotion

Aside from being a development tool, the AECID also carries out cultural dissemination in two ways: promoting Spanish culture in the Philippines and disseminating Philippine cultural creation. The cultural action is carried out through the figure of the Charge of Cultural Affairs of the Spanish Embassy in Manila, in coordination with the Technical Cooperation Office and the Instituto Cervantes.

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