Cultural Cooperation

Cultural Cooperation

Since the beginning of cooperation between Spain and the Philippines, cultural exchange and promotion have remained constant and priority areas of the Spanish movement in the Philippines. Cultural cooperation takes on different forms, with different objectives:

Development Cooperation for Culture

Following its Culture and Development Strategy, the V Master Plan of the Spanish Cooperation for 2018-2021 underscores the promotion of respect for cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and protection of material and non-material heritage of the populace. With this, AECID carries out cooperation projects in the Philippines under its Culture and Development sector, where culture is being promoted as an instrument for development. From this perspective, culture is being viewed as an ingredient for social consonance, dialogue among communities, and economic development.

Apart from specific projects in this sector, AECID is also leaning on its ACERCA Training Program for the Development of the Cultural Sector to deliver its objective of promoting the training of human capital in the cultural sector by facilitating the processes of creation and improvement of cultural agents and professionals.  

Cultural Promotion

Furthermore, AECID campaigns for cultural dissemination, with a dual purpose: promoting Spanish culture in the Philippines, and disseminating uniquely Filipino cultural creations. Cultural activities are carried out by the Office of the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Spain in Manila, in coordination with the Spanish Technical Cooperation Office and the Instituto Cervantes.