AECID Filipinas

Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction
Capacities in the Philippines

Project Information

– 74010 Disaster Prevention

Sector of Operation:
OE: To reduce inequality and
vulnerability to extreme poverty
and crisis.
LA: Prevention Policies

Managing Agency:

Executing Government
Local Government Academy
(LGA), Department of Interior
and Local Government (DILG)

– April 2015 – March 2018

Total Budget: 750,000€


Typhoons are one of the most prevalent environmental threats in the Philippines, with high material and human costs. In addition, the country is subject to frequent earthquakes and the consequent risk of tsunamis. In addition there are 22 active volcanoes and therefore volcanic eruptions are frequent. The environmental conditions and the precariousness of part of the population make the Philippines, therefore, one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to natural phenomena.

The Spanish Cooperation has carried out an intense work over a decade, both nationally and regionally and locally, in disaster risk management, contributing on the one hand to the improvement of management mechanisms, prevention and response to natural disasters , and on the other to the empowerment of the most vulnerable communities for the implementation of disaster risk reduction plans. The Spanish Cooperation has contributed decisively in the creation of a prevention model that today is considered a reference in the Philippines: the “Albay model”, through a complete intervention in that province.

Based on the policies of the Philippine government, the National Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-2028 (NDRRMP) and the Disaster Preparedness Plan 2015-2028.

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1. Effectively incorporate Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA)
into local policies, planning and budgets.

2. Increase DRR and ACC capacity of DRR councils at the local level and DRR offices and operations centers.

3. Equip communities with the skills and capacities to cope with the impacts of disasters

4. Support local governments to establish consolidated response operations.

Areas of Intervention

Negros Occidental Province

Davao Occidental Province

Northern Samar Province