AECID Filipinas

Modeling Inter LGUs Alliance in Basilan

Project Information

Management agency:

Implementing organisation:
– Institute for Autonomy and
Governance (IAG)

– October 2017 – March 2019

AECID contribution:
– 2017 Grant Agreement:
300,000 €


The island of Basilan has been especially punished by the armed conflict and has so far benefited very little from the development projects in the Muslim Mindanao area. It is an island with a high poverty rate despite its agricultural and fishing potential. There are three predominant ethnic groups, two of which practice Islam and one Christianity. All the municipalities of the island, except the capital, Isabela, belong to the Autonomous Region of the Muslim Mindanao.

Despite the presence of the Abu Sayyaf guerrilla in the East, there are areas of peace that it is important to support in order to contribute to the normalization of the island. The governor of the province and the mayors of five municipalities in the western part of the island want to consolidate communication, trade and services networks to consolidate this normality and prevent violence from spreading. To this end, they have proposed the formation of the alliance of the five municipalities with the technical and logistical support of the Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG), which has long experience and is well known by local, national and international community actors.

The intervention is carried out in the municipalities of Sumisip, Maluso, Lantawan, Hadji Muhtamad and Tabuan Lasa

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Areas of Intervention

Island of Basilan, Mindanao

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