AECID Filipinas

Promoting the participation of Indigenous women
for Peace and Development

Project Information

CAD/CRS Code: 15170

Sector of Operation:
– Women’s equality organizations
and institutions

Managing Agency:

Executing Entity:

Co-executing organizations:
– Kamalitanan Te Matigsalog,
Manobo Kulamanen Ne
Migsabeka (KMMKM)

– PASAKK Women’s Committee

– Arakan Valley IP Women’s
Association (AVIPWA)

– Grupo ng Kababaihang
Umuugnay sa Pamayanan ng
mga Agta/Dumagat na
nagtatanggol sa Lupaing Ninuno

– October 2017- April 2019

Total Budget:
2017 grant: 315,978€


The project proposes strengthening the capacities of indigenous civil society (with a special focus on indigenous women’s organizations) to increase their participation in decision-making spaces in local government and traditional governance mechanisms, taking advantage of the existence of laws and mechanisms that promote said participation.

The zones of intervention will be concentrated in 1) Mindanao: Arakan (Cotabato del Norte), Kitaotao (Bukidnon) and Bunawan (Agusan del Sur), and 2) Luzón: General Nakar (Quezon).

Through the indigenous organizations and the women who participate in them, the access of indigenous women to improved livelihoods will be promoted, through support for the local production of the communities, with training for the commercialization of agrarian and artisanal products. that they also raise awareness, in a progressive manner, regarding gender equality and the elimination of discriminatory social norms. The role of indigenous women in the process of peace and defense of human rights will also be strengthened through the creation of a mechanism to protect gender-based violence in areas affected by the conflict.

Finally, as a result of this intervention, the institutions responsible for protecting the rights of indigenous women (Philippine Women’s Commission, National Commission for indigenous groups, local governments, etc.) as well as the groups involved in the process of peace, will increase their knowledge regarding the rights and needs of indigenous women as a result of the project.

The initiative aims to improve the political, economic and socio-cultural leadership of indigenous women by increasing the recognition of their role in decision-making areas.

The implementation period is 18 months as of October 2017.

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Areas of Intervention


Luzon (Quezon)

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