Human Rights and Rule of Law

Human Rights and Rule of Law

Democracy, good governance of institutions and the guarantee of fundamental rights are at the base of human and sustainable development. The strengthening of the rule of law and the system of protection of Human Rights is, therefore, a priority area for the Spanish Cooperation. From this perspective, the strengthening of institutional, social and human capacities is linked to the respect, promotion and protection of human rights, as well as to the deepening of the democratic governance and national systems that guarantee the rule of law.

The Philippines has a solid constitutional and legal framework for the protection and promotion of Human Rights. The courts and the Human Rights Commission (CHR) are entrusted with the protection of the rights of individuals as well as the exercise of holding the government and its officials accountable for any violation thereof. In addition, the Philippines is a signatory to the main conventions and international agreements on Human Rights. Congress has also enacted several laws that extend these constitutional rights or enforce the government’s commitment under international law. However, the work of promoting and protecting Human Rights in the country has been very complex and difficult due to the inefficiency of the justice system, the weakness of the institutions that support the rule of law and an ineffective application of laws. On the other hand, the important change of approach in judicial matters applied by the current administration is further deteriorating the human rights situation in the country.

In this context, AECID gives priority to initiatives aimed at the promotion and protection of Human Rights in the country, mainly through several projects supporting the strengthening of the CHR and the Regional Human Rights Commission of the Autonomous Region of Mindanao Muslim (RHRC), as well as the multiple civil society organizations that support both commissions in the performance of their mandate.

Ongoing projects under Human Rights and Rule of Law:

Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society (CBCS) and Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority (BPDA)Support to Bangsamoro Transition (SUBATRA): Justice and Society Project (co-funded with the European Union)
Commission on Human Rights (CHR)Governance in Justice – Human Rights Project (GOJUST – Human Rights)
Regional Human Rights Commission in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (RHRC)Governance in Justice – Human Rights Project (GOJUST – Human Rights)
Zabalketa FoundationPromoting democratic values in Barangays of Alubijid