Multilateral Cooperation


In the last decade, Spain has shown strong support for multilateral cooperation, channeling a large part of its Official Development Assistance (ODA) through multilateral development agencies (OMUDES), especially the agencies of the United Nations System. The Global Fund for the Fight against Tuberculosis, Malaria and AIDS and the Fund for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGF) have been significant in this regard. These have been the mechanisms of Spanish funding to the Philippines through multilateral channels in recent years:

Spain-UNDP Fund for the Achievement of the Millennium Goals (MDGF)

The global contribution to the MDGF fund was 619 million euros. In the Philippines, as a Pilot Country (Focus Country), four programs were implemented in a coordinated manner among several agencies of the United Nations system, for a total of 18 million euros. The sectors were: water and sanitation, food security and nutrition, youth and employment and climate change

Fund for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGF)

The SDGF was constituted in 2013 as an extension of the MDGF, endowed with the remnants of it. Under the SDGF, the following project was financed by Spain for the Philippines in 2014 and led by the UNDP and the Department of the Interior and Local Governments (DILG) of the Philippines:

– Pro-Water. Promotion of water and sanitation: access, integrity, empowerment and resilience.

Multi-bilateral projects

The AECID finances projects bilaterally for the Philippines to be implemented through international agencies. The projects have addressed a number of priority areas, including the support to the peace process in Mindanao, the strengthening of indigenous peoples in the Philippines, reproductive health, livelihoods and others. The projects implemented in recent years have been the following:

– ONU HABITAT. Achieving Sustainable Urban Development.

– ONU MUJERES. Safe Cities Program

Emergency Projects channeled trough multilateral agencies

AECID has financed emergency assistance interventions to the specialized agencies FAO, UNICEF, WFP, UNHCR, OCHA and IOM. Likewise, special projects have been financed to support the populations affected by conflicts in Mindanao.