Scholarships and Lectureships

The Becas MAEC-AECID Scholarship Program

The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), through the Becas MAEC-AECID Scholarship Program, offers yearly scholarships to qualified Filipino civil servants who wish to pursue postgraduate studies (maximum of 10 months) in Spain.

Scholarships to support the following courses are currently being offered under the 2023-2024 program:

  • Any Master’s Degree focusing on one of the thematic areas prioritized by the V Master Plan of the Spanish Cooperation
  • Master’s Degree in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language for Filipino professors
  • Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from the Diplomatic School of Spain (for DFA officers and employees)
  • ASALE Program. Master’s Degree programs in lexicography and formative collaboration with academies associated with the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE)

While an acceptable level of proficiency in the Spanish language must be demonstrated in order to qualify for the program, some Spanish universities offer postgraduate programs in English as well. Admission into the Master’s/Doctorate course must be directly processed by the applicant with the chosen University in Spain.

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The Spanish Visiting Professor Program

The Government of Spain currently has Visiting Professor Agreements with the following universities in the Philippines: